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On the latter end of last year I teamed up with Public Desire and became their PDBae (: which is a feature on their site which focuses on a particular blogger. I chose five of my favourite shoes and styled them all things Yinkafied, this was then featured on the Public Desire website and it was all kinds of awesome!I realise that I didn’t even think to post this on my blog as well, which is a bad habit of mine that I am working on.

So yes although it is a little late, it is definitely better than never I present my collaboration with Public Desire::::

For my first look, I teamed the Miley Thigh High boots in Khaki with a vintage Ralph Lauren shirt that I got from my favourite charity shop in Peckham. This shirt is a large mens so I wore it as a dress (: Oooooobviously

miley thigh high 3

For me; this outfit is perfect for a casual night out, I went to TATE LATE wearing this and since the boots are so comfy I was able to last all the way through to the bar we went to for drinks after without complaining once, which is a rare occasion when it comes to heels of any kind.
I have had this leather/ faux fur over sized bomber for a while now, it is my go-to winter throw on, and it jazzes up the outfit nicely. I think.

miley thigh high 2

I wake up super early to go to work and I am often asked what I wear whilst on air. The tricky part is; dressing comfortably enough for a 6:30am start and being prepared for the day ahead. I have been caught out many a time whilst leaving work in my pyjamas whilst the rest of the world looks sexy.
The Kasey Sandal is perfect for a transition from work to play.

Kasey rinse studio: day 2

This is a jumper dress from New Look which I got in the pre-christmas sales BARGAIN. As I mentioned this is the perfect early starter outfit.
I am pretty sure that I have spoken about how I got into radio and what I do on a day to day basis on my blog so I won’t bore you with the details here and now. I did the same for the Public Desire feature, so if you have forgotten you can have a cheeky catch up over on their site (I’ve popped the link below.)

Kasey arcade 3
There is the sickest Arcade Bar in Peckham where you can get your favourite drinks and play your favourite nostalgic 90’s arcade games at the same damn time. Of course that was the location for the night time Kasey Boot outfit.

Kasey arcade 1
This outfit features a jacket which was made for me by a brand called The Essence 1979 who specialise in reworking vintage pieces.

My third shoe featured the Luna Khaki ankle boots which have the most lush fringe detail:

Luna bowling 2

Night: ASOS skinny jeans, TFNC shirt dress

Luna daytime 1
Day: Next jeans, New Look jumper, Zara jacket

With only two looks to go I have to admit that this next pair of shoes excited me the most! Introducing Sylvia, she is sexy, she is fluffy and she is red.. What more could you want?

Sylvia 1

I will say, probably not for the last time, that I love big jumpers. I LOVE THEM. So whenever I am stuck for what to wear I throw on a massive jumper, pretend it is a dress and bobs your uncle! There was no exception when it came to styling up these sandals, I actually thought given the nature of the project and it being about my style, it would be a crime to not include an oversized jumperrrrrrr for ya.

Sylvia 2Earrings from Light Before Dark

And finally! I think this is the shoe that every ‘fashionista’ had in 2015 so when I saw them I couldn’t resist putting my take on them:

Nikki 3

I know this is a blogging crime, but I cant remember where I got this culottes from eeeek. But I they were so ‘in’ as a style last year that they would be pretty easy to find (:

Nikki 2

I almost forgot to tell you that these shoes are called ‘Nikki’ and she is sasssssssssyyyyyy

NIkki 1

So there you have it; me as Public Desire’s Bae (:

You can have a look at my feature on the Public Desire site here
And here is to more collaborations in 2016 ❤


5 thoughts on “Public Desire

  1. Love you and everything about you! I read the post on the public desire website
    You always look perfect
    Danni xxx

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