What day is it?

It is that weird time of year between Christmas and New Year where you aren’t quite sure of the date or even the day for that matter (or is that just me?)

I had two choices this evening, I could do a recap post on my blog and share my favourite moments of 2015 with you, that would be fun. Or I could show you something new, I did both, because I am gangster like that (:
So in this post it is just me, me wearing some clothes you may have seen before but thats ok though isn’t it? They are my clothes and I do own a washing machine I promise!

2I got these boots from Lamoda a little while ago, they’re pretty lush, I first wore them on my blog here and they have been my go-to shoe for a while, I often get people asking if these are comfy; yes they are, I don’t wear heels on a daily basis but when I do comfort is a massive deal for me. I remember growing up and wearing ill-fitting shoes just because they looked nice but being in agony, if there is one thing being an adult has taught me its that I need to be comfortable!

My long sleeve tee is from UFO Town; which is a brand I have fallen in love with in 2015. I have posted about UFO Town on my blog before and you can shop the collection here
This is probably one of my favourite pieces from he collection simply for the arm detail, which you can see in the picture above this one.6

This jacket is from a rand called The Essence and it was made for me earlier this year, it is a reworked vintage Levis jean jacket and I wear it almost everyday. It makes me feel so gangster. Check out their website here

I guess you could say this post as a bit of a wrap up one, maybe because at this time of year it is impossible not to reflect on what has just passed, I will be the first to say that I have learnt a lot in 2015. Both about myself internally and about my body in terms of image and accepting myself for who I am.
This time last year I wasn’t presenting a breakfast show, so thats great in terms of my career (lol don’t sound too excited) No but seriously, I never thought that I would want to wake up at 4.30am every day to go to work. But I do it and I love it, my show is my favourite thing about my day really. I don’t really do resolutions anymore but if there is one thing that I hope for 2016 it is that I only get better and reach more people with my show.

Of course negative things have happened over the course of this year, but  believe that if you choose to focus on the positives and invite goodness into your life it will come. It seems to be working so far but in terms of the long game? I’ll have to keep you posted.
I have learnt that life doesn’t just hand you things, you have to work hard. But as long as you are true to yourself then you’ll be ok.4

I dont want to say Happy New Year just yet in case I get the urge to post again tomorrow but just in case HAPPY NEW YEAR (lolz)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jen says:

    Lovely as always!
    Wishing you a prosperous 2016

  2. Joseph Gill Propher says:

    You’re so amazing, I listen to you every day you know
    Joe x

  3. Oh now says:

    Bigger than the game!!

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