Yarn Wraps (:


It has been a while since I have posted on my blog, although I have been active on my other social platforms (YouTube mostly) I have posted on my website! So I figured I would put an end to the drought today!

As you may remember I released the beast!!! (That is my hair) from wraps around 6months ago, since then I have enjoyed the fluff believe me! But the winter is starting to take its toll and my hair just cannot handle this season with its freezing temperatures, rain and wind! So I have locked it up and thrown away the key! (At least until the worst has passed) and put in in Yarn wraps.
I receive a lot of questions about my hair and how I achieve certain styles so I decided on two things;
1. To record a hair tutorial showing just how I achieve my yarn wraps so that, if you wish, you may do this style yourself and:
2. Answer some frequently asked questions about my hair.

Before you read or scroll any further I would just like to add that I only answer questions based on my own hair/ practises. Not everything I do to my hair will work on yours, everyone’s hair is different and we all have different habits so please don’t take my words as gospel! This is just what works for me x


And now for the questions, and more importantly the answers haha (:

  1. How often do you wash your hair?
    When it is natural every 10-14 days depending on the style, I try to leave it for as long as possible because washing my hair is a day long task
  2. Do you wash your hair while its in wraps?
    Simply because I don’t really see much point, the yarn is wrapped around my hair preventing anything getting in, including most water.
  3. Do you moisturise your hair while its in wraps?
    I tried once and got a huge build up at the top of the braids: It was unpleasant. Although I do try and moisturise my scalp but that still sticks sometimes, you can actually see it if you look hard enough in the video!
  4. How long do you leave the wraps in for?
    Up to 8 weeks then I have to take out and was my hair, I’m quite lazy and could leave them in for longer but the bright colour gives it away lol
  5. Where did you learn to do it?
    Someone did it for me once and by the time they had finished I had figured it out, I much prefer to do my own hair than for other people to.
  6. Do you do other peoples hair?
    I can but I don’t like the pressure
  7. Can you do mine?
  8. How often do you trim your hair?
    Every month or so, this may seem excessive but I had half of my head shave and I was evening it out, its much better now.
  9. What is your stance on heat?
    I try not to use it too much but it does make life a little easier
  10. Colour?
    I dyed my hair a few months ago, so I think colour is cool lol
  11. Go to hairstyle (out of yarn wraps)?
    Twist out definitely
  12. Hair idols?
    I don’t know, I don’t really have any, I’m struggling with this one
  13. How do you make your hair grow?
    To be honest, I try to leave it alone. Hair grows naturally so you don’t really have to do much to encourage that.
  14. Do you have any secret hair tips?
    Not really, I share all of them online lol

And finally the most asked questionnnn
Is that a wig?

Haha hope you enjoyed that!
Much love ❤


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