I Love Love & Basketball

So I am going to tell you something which is going to make you feel incredibly old, are you ready for it?… It is 15 whole earth years since Love & Basketball was released! Yeah I know, it cant be! Impossible! It was just yesterday! No guys I am telling you it has been 15 years (it was actually initially released in the USA in April 2000) so it has been a bit longer than 15 years but boy tie flies hey? Not that I watched the film when it was initially released but you know what I meannnnn…


If you have been living in isolation for the last 15 years and you don’t know what Love & Basketball is I will give you the low down *takes deep breath*

Its 1981 in L.A and Monica moves in next door to Quincy and they both want to be in the NBA (like Quincy’s dad) Their love/hate relationship lasts until high school where they both win scholarships to attend colleges playing basketball. As high school ends, they come together as a couple, but within a year, with both of them playing  at USC, Quincy’s relationship with his father takes an ugly turn, and it leads to a break up with Monica. Some years later, their pro careers at a crossroads, they meet again. It’s time for a final game of one-on-one with high stake… LOVE

PHEW! *Wipes sweat* That makes sense right? If not, because you have never seen the movie, I have some info below on where we can watch it together but first I want to put it to you that Monica (played by Sanaa Lathan) was a little bit of a fashion icon… I KNOW I KNOW this is a ridiculous concept and I am completely wrong. But just give me a few minutes of your time and I think you may change your mind.

Exhibit 1:
We all know how much I love a big jumper, it has come to the point where I am almost obsessed. So anyone who rocks an oversized jumper is a star in my eyes.

Exhibit 2:
Monica’s dress that she wore to the dance was something that wouldn’t be out of place today. Usually when you look back at movies and at the costumes it is a bit cringe, but I am sure I saw someone wearing something verrrrrrrry similar to this at a club the other day, she was before her time with her mum jeans and box tees. Lush

Exhibit 3:
The basketball swaggggg in general just looks awesome, revisiting this movie has made me realise that basketball jersey’s may be a vibe. Although it is a shame that winter is literally around the corner so I will have to wait a few months before realising this dream.

Im right, right?

I dug around in my closet and discovered that I have a New York Nicks jumperrrrrr!!! Yay!

Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.10Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.08
Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.07 #2Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.10 #2
Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.06Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.07

Obviously I had a bit of fun on my laptops Photo Booth.

Nowwwww enough of the selfies!
To celebrate the 15th anniversary of this classic Amacoast cinema, in association with We Are Parable are launching their brand new immersive cinema experience by holding a special screening on Friday 16th October *eeeek* at York Hall Leisure Centre in East London.
They are just showing the film, there will be live cheerleader performances (not by me lols) All night DJ spinning 90’s classics, arcade basketball hoops, a photo booth and street food vendors and drinks; to name a few things.
Ooh and if you come dressed in a basket ball jersey you get a free raffle ticket to win awesome prizes.
Do you reckon this counts?

Photo on 09-10-2015 at 12.17 #2
I can wear this again right?It isn’t like against blogging code or anything is it?

Head over to the event website to book your tickets and come and watch the film with me! Be warned i’m a talker!
Tickets are super limited so book now to avoid disappointment.

See you there x

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Latrice says:

    I’m already going! Oh my god I can’t wait to meet you xxxxxxx

  2. Whitney Cass says:

    It’s almost sold out wow happy I saw this now

  3. Lucy says:

    Absolutely love this post! Not sure I agree about the fashion icon but you do make a good point
    Lucy Vince x

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