Its Called Vintage Darling…..


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I know I speak about the weather quite a lot on my blog. This could potentially be a symptom of me living in London, us Londoners are obsessed with what is going on with the weather, it is a phenomenon I cant explain, now this isn’t me apologising or promising to change. Oh goodness no! I’m just acknowledging it (:
So autumn is definitely upon us and apart from today (its Monday October 5th right now) the weather has been surprisingly pleasant. I think that when the seasons were first discovered; this is what Autumn was supposed to be; crisp, bright and breezy (haha sounds like I’m talking about a nice rosé)
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The thing is I haven’t gotten around to going winter shopping and if I am very honest with myself I already have loads of clothes. It is such a long process when the seasons change (uhhhh blogger problems)
So I figured that before I spend all of my hard earned money on new clothes I would have a dig around in my already very large existing wardrobe and show you a few bits.
Let me set the scene a bit for you; I have a lot of clothes, now I know that people always say this and more often than not it isn’t really true. But I have A LOT of clothes. I am not quite sure when it happened or how but it did but I live on Clothes Mountain, its gotten to the point where I don’t invite people into my room, because of the sheer amount. Please do not get me wrong this is not a bad thing (the amount of clothes, the mess is terrible but having loads of clothes isn’t bad lolz), no it is actually the opposite but because I have so many clothes I run the danger of not actually wearing things.
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThe other day I ventured into my wardrobe, after getting past the many piles of clothes on the floor in front of said wardrobe, and I realised that I haven’t worn a lot of my clothes in a long time.
What I mean is; my old clothes don’t get a look in, its like Narnia in my closet and the newer things are at the front. It was an odd experience, I waded through and discovered things I hadn’t seen in a while and it made me feel rubbish!
I’m not insane, I know that my clothes do not have feelings, but just imagine for 38seconds that they do, and then imagine items that you haven’t looked at for the best part of a year, pieces that were once your pride and joy just cast away to into the depths of storage… Poor things, its pure neglect.
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetOk ok, I admit I am getting a little dramatic, but of course as a very important fashion blogger lady person I am attached to them, my clothes are an extension of me!.. I’ve taken it too far now haven’t I?
Moving on…. What I am wearing in this post is vintage (lol vintage.. Last season.. Two seasons ago… Old)
Well it all is apart from the Converse which the are newer Chuck II and available to buy here
Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetI have ordered these vacuum storage bags which are massive and I plan on shoving (or folding) all of my summer clothes in them and sticking them in the attic, smart huh?
This wasn’t my idea, I would’ve just left my summer clothes where they currently live and then complain all winter about not having any space, so you will have to thank Josh for that.
But yes while am I doing this I thought that I would show you some oldie goldies (yes, yes apart from the converse)
I have also popped links to my current faves which are similar to what I am wearing in case you like this look (if you don’t then up yours… JOKING)
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So the very sexy stockings are from Ann Summers (ooooh) and I bought them around 3 years ago, obviously they were designed to be sexy and I couldn’t do that so; funky it is haha
Ann Summers actually don’t sell this style any more but you can get similar from eBay
I have had a look online and these seem to be the most similar to the ones that I have, same price range too at under £5
You can buy these here

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 20.05.39

During my travels (online) I also found this pair, now I know that not everyone is as full on as a whole leopard leg so this style would be great for someone who just wants a touch of wild (lol)
Also from eBay, you can buy these here
Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 20.12.17

Alright enough of the legs.
As you should know I love my jumpers, and I love my over sized jumpers even more.
There are not many fashion related things much better than being able to wear a huge jumper and pretend it is a dress and I think I tell you where to buy jumpers a lot, a lot, a lot
So I won’t do that now, no one likes being told what to do so here is another pic in me of my jumperrrrrr (haha) which I think I bought last year on sale at Peacocks… Rebel

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What have we learned today?
Old clothes need love (YES)
Ann Summers can be worn out of the bedroom! (YES YES)
We already knew I love jumpers…

Any way I am done now! Until next time x

4 thoughts on “Its Called Vintage Darling…..

  1. You are my favourite london blogger
    I think that you have something really special about you and I just thought I would tell you in case no one has in a while
    Thank you for sharing even a small piece of yourself
    Latrice x

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