Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba

Oi oi! You know what time it is! Well you may not know what time it is, it is time forrrr *DRUM ROLL PLEASE* an outfit posits! Yayyyy


I have a lot of clothes (as you can probably imagine) and I have a lot of outfits that I have put together that I want to show you, that eventually one day I will get around to taking pics of and posting, and this (obviously) is one of them. Josh lives in a cool area of London that has some cool walls.. I know that sounds weird, a cool wall, but it is true. So we took ourselves to one of these walls and took some pictuuuures.

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So I changed my hair! I have been saying that I am going to change my hair for a while and I have finally done it! I put my hair in extensions the other day in preparation for the winter.
This is my first winter natural in a while and I am learning that the elements aren’t necessarily the best friends of an afro.
I got this hair from Cat Face hair which is an online ombre braid specialist! They have a load of colours of hair on their website, I am wearing Black/ Green which you can buy here

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I think I have found my new obsession for the winter! Get ready to see lots and lots of ombre! If you use my code: ‘Bokinni’ at the check out you can receive 5% off of your order! Happy shopping (:

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So I teamed this Marbek jumper with a pair of pleated shorts from TopShop and some super cool knee high boots which are from Lamoda.

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This jumper is excellent, it has detachable arms which makes it perfect for transitioning from summer to autumn. Mark is a cool brand which offers sleek design with lush material. Its super comfy too. You can get yours here. I especially love their netted jumpers which are sassy as hell.

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I was gifted these boots from Lamoda last week or so and I though I would tell you about them. I am not the sort of girl who wears heels casually, I actually wish I was the sort of girl who wore heels casually but I dont know, Im just not. Finding a pair of comfortable heels is difficult lol moan moan, but its true! I am not a kitten wearing person, if you are thats awesome but no no not me, nope, not gonna happen. Its either a proper heel or a trainer haha.
Finding a shoe that allows for comfort whilst constantly tip-toeing is hard! But they do exist!
These are called ‘Dont Call Me Baby’ and are just the most sassy pair! You can buy them here
Obviously after my mini rant above these are very comfortable lol.

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So there you have it! My blue en da ba dee dabba da en dabba de dabba outfit for ya!
scroll down to see some more photos taken by be beautiful boyfriend Josh, and have a good week xxx

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

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