Getting Ready…

…For whatevs

Season changes are serious
Season changes are serious

Alright so I have taken the hint, the not so subtle hint from Mother Nature and Father Wind and I have finally accepted that the British Summertime is officially over. Am I sad? Yes, of course! Like any other Londoner I ENJOYED those two short weeks and celebrated with short skirts and crop tops, yeah so what I complained about how I was sweating and how hot the buses were. And I grumbled like the rest of my city-folk when I was told that I had to bring water on the underground because temperatures were too high but now it’s gone I miss it and I realise it was definitely a vibe…
But I am accepting the impending doom of and more importantly; I am preparing for Autumn, or Winter or whatever this sudden cold season is called… I just don’t know.

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So since I am getting prepared I think YOU, yes YOU should too.
So here is my September Survival Guide! Holla!!!!!!

The jumper I am wearing is serious vintage, my boyf’s nan gave it to me a little while ago so I doubt you can buy it anywherrrrre but I do have a few similar picks below!

River Island

This jumper is from River Island Mens and is super lush! I often shop in the mens department for knit wear because I really hate the fitted feel of most women wear!
I think this may be limited edition so bet it while you can, don’t be fooled, the clocks are going back next month and you don’t want to literally be left in the cold.

Forever 21
Forever 21

Are polka dots in? I dont know, I hope so. I love polka dots lol
Yet again this is from the mens section (hence the picture) this time forever 21 which I think is over looked for mens wear. I shop in the mens department a lot. And this is only £15 brap


Finally something from the ladieeees section! This lovely little number is from H&M of course, and just lovely and could potentially be on trend.. I don’t know, but I hope so.. I really do!


Half Smileeeee
Full Smileeee

This is not to say that I am done trying to squeeze the last bit of sun out of London, no! Please believe these words: You will probably, definitely, see a few knees/ elbows and potentially a thigh or two on the blog this September while I make the most of the last few days of sunshine!
Ok even if it doesn’t become super sunny, I will still probably get an armpit or two out shamelessly. Not everyone who reads this blog is from London… Right?

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I am wearing a jacket from Sydney Davies, I love clashing colours and prints but I cant take credit for this pairing, no no. This was all down to Mr Josh, yep my boyfriend picked what I am wearing today.. He would say he ‘styled ‘ it ha!
Sydney Davies is a brand that I have already put under my spotlight and you can shop her collection here
Popped on my favourite trainers at the moment; Adidas Boost which I will say are the World’s most comfy trainer again. Because they are. No lie.

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I didn’t realise what the change in weather does to afro hair. It isn’t the most fun thing, braids are 100% pending! I have been wearing my hair in this little puff for a little over a week now and that’s simply not good. I mean it looked okay today but I’m at home and I am typing this and it doesn’t look cool… No. I need to sort it out.
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Oooh the faux septum I am wearing is from Elisha Francis and is so lush, you can shop her collection of septum clips here but that’s not all, her jewellery is lush in general so have fun on that site and you are welcome.

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You’re welcome for the Autumn/ Winter jumper tips, and also for the introduction to Elisha Francis. See you soon! xx

13 thoughts on “Getting Ready…

  1. Love your style
    Or should o say your boyfriends style
    Although you own the clothes so it is still yours yinka! You are very inspiring to people who are naturally different and don’t fit in
    Thank you

  2. You have amazing hair, I understand that it isn’t the typical mixed curl pattern but consider how much you have cut it recently and how long and thick it is now! You are a beautiful girl who seems so genuine and nice
    That is rare
    Keep it up

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