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Carbon & Coal

The concept for Carbon & Coal was born in 2012 and the company was established in 2014. It is no surprise that I love this brand as I am often wearing their items on my blog and instagram. I picked three of my favourite items from the Carbon & Coal website to show you and I also spoke to the owners; who gave me a bit of an insight into what it is like running your own business…. Enjoy!

Serious eyeliner, serious earrings

Ever wondered what a typical day is like for someone running their own jewellery company? Its involves a lot of social media! Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are very important for an online company such as Carbon & Coal. Every morning they check all social media accounts for comments and questions, and are always looking for magazines and bloggers to potentially work with (which of course is where I come in) Follow CC on the following:

Now I know I have spoken about CC before, I even did a YouTube haul on them a while ago but that was all ‘pre-spotlight’ days you see. And now that I have an actual thing where I highlight brands I lurve, it would weird if I didn’t include them. Plus you cant ever really get enough of this stuff.. Its lovely.

Have a look at the video:

I would like to think that the readers of my blog know me (at least a little) by now, and that means that you know how much I love to dress things up and put on a show, especially when it comes to my #Spotlight! However this month I have decided to strip it back a bit, simply because this stuff shines on its own.

So the first item I want to tell you about is the Cinderella Ring. This is a triple stacked ring which is made up of three separate parts so you can wear them individually on different fingers or all together for that wow effect.

I have had some of my Carbon & Coal goodies for almost a year and there is no sign of bronzing on any of them and they definitely do not turn my fingers green which is the biggest bonus! Haha.
All items added to the collection are thoroughly tested to determine their longevity and quality.

I love the fact that they can guarantee quality! Thats the thing that is lacking when you buy costume jewellery elsewhere; the confidence that it will last.


I know I have probably said this before but Carbon & Coal is aimed at everybody! When I asked what their ideal customer is and this is what they had to say:

“Most people enjoy a bit of glam and luxury but we know not everyone can afford it. Carbon and Coal’s ideal customers are fashion forward women who enjoy the more luxurious things in life without the hefty price tag.”
Here here!

I asked the girls about challenges because I know it cant be easy running a jewellery company, firstly; not everyone wears jewellery so you already have a niche.
Starting a company from scratch will always have its difficulties from logo design to picking your collections. The CC girls tell me that one of the biggest challenges they face is photographing the jewellery. Tbh I was shocked at this, the images on the website are amazing and it wasn’t hard to capture the sparkle for my blog. But when it is your own company you are bound to be critical so I will let them off, although I think they’re being a bit hard on themselves!

Website photo
Website photo

Drum roll please…. The second piece I would like to show you are the Canary Diamond Earrings!!!!


Yeah I know, these are lovely. When i first found at about Carbon & Coal as a brand these were one of the stand out pieces for me. They are that perfect piece of statement jewellery.
It hasn’t always been that way at CC head quarters, the girls tell me that when they first started up the brand they chose all of the wrong pieces not realising that not everything is ‘what you see is what you get.’

Now they know to look for high quality items that are on trend and timeless. Such as these bad boys.

Sorry say that again, my earrings are sparkly


Sourced from the finest AAA cubic zirconia, Carbon and Coal is an affordable luxury brand. With prices from anything as low as £5 (on sale) ranging to £80 (for an amazing body chain) there really is something for everyone, with there average item costing around £25-£30. But the real shocker is that these items actually look like the real deal. I have been stopped more times than I can remember asking me about the jewellery from this store.

You can shop the Carbon & Coal collection here (you’re welcome)

The lovely ladies at Carbon & Coal told me that although they love all of their pieces the rings and earrings have to be their favourite part of the collection.

“They scream glitz and glamour and that’s what Carbon and Coal is all about.”

They’re not lying.. This brings me perfectly to the third and final item I would like to show you today!

So nice I posted it twice
So nice I posted it twice

So these glorious things are called the Candy Rain Drop Earrings (for obvious reasons) and they are my absolute favourite piece up on CC’s website!
I dont usually wear earrings on a daily basis but since I have had these I actually struggle to find an outfit that doesn’t match them, they’re my new favourite accessory.


They’re big, and bold and have little pastel coloured jewels in them and I am in absolute love. The great thing about a company which is as small as Carbon & Coal is that when you buy something you can happily walk around knowing that 1000’s of other girls aren’t going to be wearing the same thing as you, we all wanna be different right? (Lolz)
But the other thing is that because they are a small boutique (for now at least) once they’ve sold out that is usually it. So be quick!


In the next 12months the CC girls want to see their brand to continually grow and to be better known internationally.
“We want to vastly expand the collection and have more Carbon and Coal designs in the collection.” I dont see this as a problem, they already have the foundations of an amazing company with a really strong brand… All they need is time so watch this space guys!

Dont forgettttttttttttt to follow CC on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with the sparkle! And shop their collection ❤

And dont forget to submit your brand to be under my spotlight by sending your info here

Pics were taken by my very talented sister Olufemi and you can check out more of her photography here she’s awesome!

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