Is It Gangster?


Its is Sunday, the sun is shining and the football is back on telly, football which I have tried to watch but I give up, I dont like football unless its the world cup.. Everyone likes the world cup lol.. Any who all of this  means I don’t have a boyfriend today, which means I have time to write a teeny blog, which is fun lol.

I first bought this dress wen I was out with my niece who is 10 years old, she said I would look like a princess when wearing it and that was it; SOLD! What I didn’t realise was that I look like a TEN YEAR OLD PRINCESS haha! This is definitely what I get for allowing a girl who is obsessed with Frozen to give me fashion advice!
It is from TopShop a little while ago and I am not sure if this is still available and I am pretty sure that it was originally designed for a bridesmaid..

Boots are from Cat and are called The Colorado, they are the staple Cat boot, and I have been wearing them almost ever day. It is actually a bit of a shock that I haven’t posted an outfit wearing these before. I have had them for a little while now and they definitely have that ‘weathered’ look about them (which is code for I’ve mashed them up a bit lol)
But that is the good thing about these shoes, the more you wear them the better they look!  You can get them here


I actually shot a makeup video for this look which I will put on my YouTube later this week. I actually shot my first makeup video the other day and you can see it here. I believe that the darker lipstick makes this look a little more gangster. This particular lipstick is from a brand called Nizz Cosmetics which specialises in organic, animal friendly make up (awwww) and this colour is  Purple Voodoo and you can get it here
I love Nizz because they offer the craziest colours, which I am definitely going to be experimenting with on my blog soon!

Whats that over there?

Right now I want to take a moment to talk about my extremely awesome cool hairstyle. As you will know, I recently we all natural and that and I have to admit that it has been a bit of a struggle. A struggle to actually do different hairstyles, I won’t go too deeply into my hair woes because I actually have a hair update coming to my blog in a few days.
So: bunches (which is what I feel like this hairstyle is called) have become my new go to.. I think they’re cute any way (:

My jacket and rings are all from Primark which you (should) know by now is my favourite bargain shop. The jacket is quite an old style, but I know that they sell these all year around. And most of my jewellery is from Primark.. It is literally the easiest place to pick up trinkets and accessories.

These nails are from Primark too. Simple press on business (:

I have a few blog posts coming this week so make sure you keep watching this space! Got a few more pics below (which were all taken by my lovely boyfriend before the football started obviously)

My aim today was to take a princess dress and Yinka it up a bit.. Let me know if I have succeeded yeah? Haha

Have a good Sunday xxx

Tyna be cute
Definitely gangster


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