The Spotlight…

…Hello, my name is Yinka and I am addicted to Sera Ulger LDN


If you follow me on Instagram you will know that I have had a girl crush on everything Sera Ulger for a while and it is only fitting that her brand is July’s Spotlight. As you know every month I shine my light on a brand that I love and July is no exception!
So sit back, relax (have a biscuit or two) and welcome to a land where everything is just that little bit more sassy…


Sera Ulger LDN is a fashion label which is originally based in the heart of East London, she aims to capture the nostalgia of growing up in the 90’s through daring prints and promoting a Girl Power attitude.
The extent of my obsession with this brand may become clear upon reading this post, which is pretty much a love letter to Sera. And this isn’t lust, lust is when you find something you think is cool, wear the clothes a few times and move on. No this isn’t lust, this is love. Love is when you cherish and hang up a swimsuit.. A swimming costume is on a hanger in my wardrobe; that’s how much I love thisย collection.

This swimsuit is hanging up in my closet
This swimsuit is hanging up in my closet

I have got three loads of pictures in this months Spotlight, some of these photos were taken at Gods Own Junkyard in Walthamstow, one are nicked from instagram and the others were taken at Sera’s pop up shop in Camden, I think it will be easy for you to tell the difference between the locations, I hope it will.. I have faith in you!

Front Row in Camden

Let me talk you through the collection: think bright, think Spice Girl kinda sassy, think the way you wanted to dress when you were a little lass and also think fish (no really fish!) and you will have a clearer idea of what to expect from the Ulger Lab. Her prints are hand painted in house and her S/S15 collection is called ‘Fish Be Like’ – see think fish! This collection has made a splash (sorry) on the London fashion scene and I cant wait to see what she has inshore (lolz again) for A/W15

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 16.31.40
Taken from @SeraUlgerLDN on instagram

You can actually get involved in the Ulger Lab (yea you can!) By either designing something of your own or becoming an Ulger Lab Gal (like me haha) find out more here

My absolute favourite is piece is the rainbow tee which is unisex (I know there are a few dudes who read this blog too haha) so I figure I will just buy Josh one and then ‘borrow’ it all the time…

Why be over the rainbow when you can be the rainbow?

Yes this tee fits like an absolute dream! And is just a little bit fancy enough to wear out out! To be honest you could and I probably would wear this as a dress, it’s loose and long enough.

I wasn’t kidding when I told you to ‘think fish’ haha!

Jumpers, crops, two pieces- perfect for summer.. She is just about to launch her Autumn/ Winter collection.. which I am finding very difficult to wait for, but since we are literally in the height of summer it’s all good (for now) plus there is still plenty of space in my wardrobe to hang some more swimsuits (Im not even joking).

Everything I am wearing in this post is Sera Ulger, down to the platform heels which she customised herself, if you do get ย chance to visit her shop (I’ve popped the address below) you will notice that she has accessories dotted around just inviting you to play dress up. Yes, so everything is from Sera Ulger LDN apart from the boobtube and trainers which are from Primark and Puma respectively.

Yes I was picking the ornamental cows nose and finding it hilarious
Yes I was picking the ornamental cows nose and finding it hilarious

These bottoms are a prototype and are probably the most gangster pants I’ve even worn, and I have been trying to convince Sera that everyone needs a pair of low pocket, satin joggers in their life! Can we all tweet her this and tell her please? Thanks x

Of course Yinka found a co-ord

Wearing something made by Sera Ulger you are bound to get noticed, the daring prints and luscious fabrics are authentic, she hand finishes garments and makes to order; you would be hard pressed to find something as real as that elsewhere. Her motto? Injecting the world with colour… She’s definitely on the right track. I had so much fun swishing about in the sore, I felt like a mutant ninja might morphin power puff girl, yeah I went there.


She has recently acquired a space in Camden which doubles up as a studio and a shop, its amazing because you can see her working on designs when you walk in, its like walking into her lab. The thing is if you want something from the ‘Fish Be Like’ collection you have to hurry because once stocks run out thats it. And no one wants to be baby in the corner.


I felt like a kid in a candy shop or a fashionista in a sassy shop haha (it’s ok to call myself a fashionista right?) You can visit Sera’s shop in Camden stables market this summer where you can meet the lady her self and buy her gorgeous clothes which will spice up ya life for sure.


Front Row 714
Stables Market
Chalk Farm Road
London NW1 8AH

Of course if you cant make it to the shop for whatever reason you can shop via the website. And keep up to date with all thins Sera Ulger on Instagramย 


There is a Front Line launch party Weds 22nd July from 6pm which all are welcome to attend!

So there you have it, My Spotlight this month: Sera Ulger LDN
Hope you’ve enjoyed and noticed all of my 90’s references (they took me ages) x

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  1. I have been watching you for a while and u just get better n better I hope you do another personal video I loved the last 1 b

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