Sass on Sass

I know I know
I said I wasn’t a goth
I said I wasn’t gonna be wearing all black forever
(I said all of this Here)

But come onnnnnn…. I couldn’t resist this sassy little number! I am not sure ‘cut outs’ are still in but that doesn’t change how much I love this dress. That also doesn’t change the fact that this dress makes me look ALOT more curvier than I actually am. It cost me 99p NINETY NINE ENGLISH PENCE (plus Β£1.80 delivery)

I know quite a few people who upon realising this dress costs 99pence would be deterred from buying it, but I am not one of those few, no I am one of the peeps who will scream this from the rooftops. I love a bargain and have actually been meaning to write a post dedicated to bargain hunting and it is definitely on my to do list, but I just haven’t done it yet *slaps wrists* Soon come peoples!

I got it from eBay and I have been getting a few bits from there recently actually. I have been asked before to do a ‘Shopping On eBay Tips’ post but I’ve just never been sure if it would be interesting enough. If it is something that you would be interesting in let a sister know! (via the comments below) and I will definitely do it, I know that it can be a tricky thing (getting what you bid for).

Yeah so even if this isn’t currently in style I love it ❀

It’s been a few weeks and I am still in love with my natural do (: I am definitely still addicted to the twist out vibe. The pictures were taken in the Tower/ London bridge area by one of my favourite photographers; Joshua Brathwaite who I absolutely love working with. He has shot for my blog before (: and he is very talented, I actually think he is a witch because I am not sure in I look like this reallllllyyyyyyy.. But yes we have shot together before and you can check it out here

These trainers have been described as ‘The Worlds Most Comfortable Shoe’ and whoever said that wasn’t lying (my boyfriend told me someone said it and he assures me it wasn’t him who said it but someone who we can trust even though he doesn’t remember who)
They’re from adidas and I think they compliment this dress well. They kinda sass it up a bit, the danger with a dress like this is that if you don’t attempt to make it cool you can look a bit errrr the opposite of sassy (which is not sassy lol).

You can shop the Adidas website Here

I am usually quite funny about wearing revealing clothes, and I didn’t realise this until it came to shooting this look, I wouldn’t call myself particularly insecure (no more than your average Jane, Sasha or Yinka). I’m not a prude who always covers up but I’ve noticed a trend in the fact that I don’t usually show off the goods! So today I threw caution (and my bra) to the wind haha!

I actually realised when uploading these pictures that this is probably the post where you can see the most of my tattoos, yes I have a load, yes I love them and yes I will tell you how many.. But not today… Maybe in another post 😹 *adds another thing to my to do list*

So what have we learnt from this post?
1. Yinka is one sassy sister (Yinka also has just discovered the word sassy so allow her to sass out for a bit yeah?)
2. There are a lot of blog subjects to come so keep ya eyes peeled
3. Not wearing a bra is good for the soul

Stay blessed x

14 thoughts on “Sass on Sass

  1. You should be righting for abteen or women’s magazine
    Your style is great and your so funny
    Such a fan of your blog wanting to see it grow to something national xxx

  2. You are absolutely gorgeous!! I love your hair as well! & who cares if the cut out trend is over.. it looks really good on you so that’s all that matters right? haha! work it girl!
    Jade xxx

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