The Hoxton…


A little earlier this week me and my better half (Josh) spent a night at The Hoxton Hotel in Shoreditch (oooohweeeee) and I thought; What kind of blogger would I be if I didn’t share my experience with you?
Based in the heart of Shoreditch The Hoxton is literally the perfect location for work and play..

What better way to start your stay?

Ok so firstly, the rooms at The Hoston are delicious, forget your average, bog standard hotel room and think CIRCLE MIRROR perfect for selfies, plush cushions, mood music playing from a very discreetly placed DAB radio. Think a cute lil unexpected breakfast treat waiting for ya in the morning and you will have a better idea of what its like to stay here, needless to say we were very excited… Please view just how excited we were hereΒ (yes we are big kids)


Dinner consisted of a salad for me, with wings of course (lolz) and Josh got a steak, I dont know why he picked the small one, he is terrible when it comes to ordering food. But it was deliciousssssss and if (or when) you go make sure you get the ‘Red Slaw’ yeah? Its the bomb.


I dont know who I think I am but recently I have gotten into gin.. It used to be beer.. I cant explain that either, but now I love me some gin.. and tonic to be specific. And the bartender at The Hoxton makes a delicious Hendricks and tonic (with cucumberrrrrrrr) so order that, or don’t? I mean I am not here to tell you what to do, but its awesome.

*Eats the tree behind her*
Would you like some chips with that salt?

Everything is so cool at The Hoxton that if you’re used to any other kind of service you may feel like a fish out of water, at certain points I thought the staff were a little ‘too cool’ – casually nodding at e when I was walking through the foyer, being told to ‘sit wherever I like’ when asking for a table. I was a little taken a back, but after a little while I realised that it is that that makes The Hoxton a bit spesh, its like being in the best room of your house with a few cool people (if you are after a ‘yes sir, no sir’ attitude then you’re in the wrong place). I am actually a little sad we only stayed one night, I feel like we only uncovered a little bit of what the hotel had to offer.

Best part of her stay? The selfie-perfect bathroom mirror of course!

…The morning after

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

So after what was probably the comfiest sleep of my life, and I mean comfortable. I dont know what that mattress was stuffed with but I need it in my life forever more, seriously.. I have never slept so deeply before..
Anyway I woke up (happy) to a delicious treat which consisted of granola, orange juice and some fruit YUMMY
I am an idiot and forgot to take a picture of it butttt thanks to google, it looked a little bit like this:

This unfortunately is not my photo

The best thing about breakki was that Josh leaves for work earlier than I do so I got to eat his too (he wasn’t as pleased as this as I am, for obvious reasons). The Hoxton is a literal stones throw away from the Rinse FM studio, so strolling to work was a pleasure. Especially since London has been in the midst of a freakishly delicious heat wave this week. It was 27 degrees celsius, 6.40 am (a whole hour later than when I usually leave my yard) I had delicious fruit in my stomach, and I could stroll to work! I literally have just one question for The Hoxton Hotel Shoreditch; Can I live here? No seriously, can I actually move in and pay rent and everything?

Rooms at The Hoxton Shoreditch start from around Β£170 per night unless you wanna stay today, then it’s a cool 200 smackers ( there is also a Hoxton Holborn and Hoxton Amsterdam) and all rooms are as good as each other, if you’re feeling adventurous you can book a ‘Random Room’ which as the name suggests is for the bold haha.
Have a lok at the website and thank me the morning after your stay yeah?

Stay blessed x

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