Strange Things Happen..

… Hey

Don’t worry I haven’t turned into a goth or anything haha! I haven’t actually done a ‘themed’ post in a while and what better day than a Monday hey?

So after may years of being alive in general and after almost a year and a half on my blog I have finally succumbed to wearing all black.. Excuse while I go and sass out…

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Vibez on Vibez on Vibez
Lipstick – is a new favourite of mine and is from Nizz cosmetics, they offer awesome coloured vegan lipstick and are a great brand in general. I usually struggle when it comes to bold colours, there have been more than one occasion where I just wipe it off and go natural. I’m not sure what it is but I have decided to be brave and there is nothing braver than black lippy right?
Ps I will probably (maybe) be posting a ‘Get Ready With Me’ video on YouTube shortly so any questions about how I put lipstick around my piercing will be answered there!
I got this tshirt from Ufo Town and I lurve it (: it is actually what inspired this post. I am constantly wearing boy fit tees in my day to day life and not posting them on here.. Which doesn’t make sense (since that’s my real life lol) Shop the UFO collection Here.
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Black on Black on Black

Leggings – A staple in my wardrobe (: these were on sale from New Look (£5) and it is the best thing I have ever done! I would buy 5 more pairs of I could go back in time mate

Shoes – are from Public Desire and you can get them Here. I love teaming a strappy shoe to an otherwise boyish look. Dresses up the outfit instantly. I am usually in trainers or flats so it’s nice to flex those arches in a stiletto and they’re actually super comfy!
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Sass on Sass on Sass

I genuinely never thought I would say this; I feel sassy, sassier than … (Insert something extremely sassy here) lolz

I actually feel very badass in this look, I’ve just left my hair to its own devices and that seems to be working (for now)
So yes have a little scroll there are lots of pics (:

Have a good week. x

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset She Never Thought Black Lippy Would Suit Her..

Now She Gives F$%k Less…

Sass On Sass
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Strange Things Happen When The Ufo Mayor Comes To Town

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