I am NOT….


…My Hair!

Ok hi!
For as long as I have had this blog I have had my hair in locs which are awesome and I love em.
I have been wanting to take my hair out for a while, not because I don’t like the style but because after 2 years a sister needs a change! The other day I was in a super creative mood and decided that I was gonna do something to get myself out of my hair funk (yes I have been craving a change for a while now)
So I grabbed my boyfriend, and made him take a few pics of me… Here we goooo

So I would formally like to introduce you to my natural hair!
Growing up I was constantly crying (yes actual tears) because I didn’t (and still don’t) have the typical ‘mixed’ curly hair.. It actually got to me so much that I would wear weave to try and achieve this look. Can you believe I was actually ashamed of my hair?

No I am not saying that everything is swell now because up until I took my braids out 3 days ago I was still self conscious. Only now because its at a certain length did I even decide to keep it out.
Which is rubbish, I decided to write this post not to achieve this look. Im sorry, I dont know how to tell you to do that. I wrote this post to rejoice in the fact that, today at least, I feel a bit happy with what I was given naturally.
I think that is good cause for celebration

Have I been on a secret hair journey? Maybe


It’s actually ridiculous, you can’t control what your hair is like.. Believe me 10 years of perm and I know that NOTHING but accepting your hair for what it is and LOOKING after it (not just hiding it) will you really be able to appreciate what you have.


Can you imagine, someone like me who used to texturise (yeah just let your soul gloowwwww) and perm and basically eat the hell out of my hair am now receiving compliments? Girls are asking me how I get my hair this way! In secondary school I used to be called Natty, and as you can probably guess that not because it’s short for Yinka.


So I put my hair in twists last night and tok them out this morning.. awesome huh?!? I mean it’s about 50 times bigger now! As the day goes on it get more and more impressive.. I’m in love


The thing is after putting my hair in braids I genuinely felt relieved. I stopped worrying about how I was going to hide my afro and just chilled out.
But eventually I became just what I hated in the first place; my hairstyle.
I’m the girl with the dreads right? Yes I am, and I just don’t want to be her anymore.. I’m not my hair or my tattoos or my elbow, knees or ears.. I’m all of these things put together. Not just one feature alright? Haha who knows next time I might shave it… NOTTTTT


So hello guys, my name is Yinka… Massive fro and all!
Which I have yet to name.. so if you wanna name my hair then feel free haha!

That’s all right now! Love yourself xxx

19 thoughts on “I am NOT….

  1. Hello Yinka
    Good on you for standing up for natural hair
    I have been ashamed of my hair for my whole life too
    I wear wigs and weave to fit in and have ruined my hair as a result
    I admire you
    Love your energy xxx

  2. I actually loved you locs and when I saw you had got rid of them felt a bit funny but reading this I see you’re right
    You are more than jut one thing, I think you have very gorgeous hair and are lucky

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