Getting ready for…


YB 13

Firstly can I say that I have hay fever. I remember the first time I got it actually; I was seven or eight and I was at school (obviously) and my eyes watered the whole day. I couldn’t open them, I had to be sent home. Can you imagine the stress for a seven or eight year old? I genuinely thought I was dying (I was a dramatic 7/8 year old who also used to think that my sister was an alien who was sent to this planet to kill me)

YB 4
Haha how was that for a back story? Brilliant yeahhhh
So fast forward a few years and the plague of hay fever still haunts me, luckily anti histamines are a very good friend of mine, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to head over to Regents park on a lovely pre-summer day and share these pictures with you (:
There is something about when the trees flower that puts me in a genuinely good mood.

YB 5

I mentioned before that I have made a few changes to my lifestyle recently and one of them is jogging, I jog 3/4 times a week through Regents park and each time I am inspired by how beautiful it is. Think ice-cream, flip flops and shaved legs.. That is what I am looking forward to this summer. Yes I am very aware of the fact that since I live in London, it can rain at any point. But who cares? The possibility of lounging on a deck chair down at box park does put a smile on my face.
Thats where this post was born, think of it as a pre-sumer warm up… In shorts

YB 19

I dont think Reebok actually sell this particular style anymore but they do have some cool colour ways on their website at the moment, I think pastels are lovely on a hot day and the options on the Reebok website do not disappoint! Check them out here and also Reebok have a personalising service on their site which you can take advantage of as well (:
I also have an awesome new Unicorn tattoo…

YB 10

Just in case you were wondering, oranges are my favourite fruit. I could for the sake of this post tell you that orange is also my favourite colour but that is very relative (last week teal was the vibe). However, oranges, hands down are (in my opinion) the most delicious of your recommended five a day, hence my cute lil rucksack! Which I got from a random stall in a random market.

YB 12

Photos take by Jade Keisha Gordon who as you know already is one of my favourite photographers to work with (:

YB 17

I think I have already made it clear how much I love a co-ord, I also think I say how much I love a co-ordinating suit a lot, probably a little too much. I mean this isn’t Yinka’s blog about two pieces, well it pretty much could be! Please see these examples;


YB 15

So yes, it is no surprise that this post features yet another co-ord. And before you ask; yes my wardrobe is pretty much full on them.

I have never been afraid of colour and I think that if there is one thing I am going to be focusing on this season it will be experimenting with more colours and patterns. Think clashing fabrics and textures.. Orange and pink in the same outfit YEAH I said it! Think those things and you will have a clue what is to come on this old blog!

YB 16
This particular short suit is from Represent and is actually mens, and kinda old. One of my friends was having a clear out of his old clothes which pretty much meant that I received a lot of ‘new’ clothes. I am a sucker for a hand me down.
So if you’re ever getting rid of your old clothes holla at me!

YB 6

So how do you get ready for summer? Go to the gym? Buy a new wardrobe? Haul out lat years clothes hoping A. They still fit and B. Leopard print is still in
Whatever you do just make sure you enjoy it, summer is here for about 2weeks a year (be honest) and if you blink you might miss it!
Love xx

YB 7

8 thoughts on “Getting ready for…

  1. Hi yinka I would love to be a fashion blogger like you
    I have read your blog from the beginning and its great to see how much you have progressed!
    How did you get all of your followers? And where do you think is the best place to promote yourself?

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