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Fashion isn’t funny but Yinka is…

It is that time again! Time for me to shine the spotlight on a particular brand that I am in love with and this month is a little different, simply because it isn’t a “brand” in the traditional sense of the word, because Amira doesn’t design the products she offers, but I am getting ahead of myself haha!
Introducingggggg I Love Your Jacket! (Sick name right?!!?)


So you already know her name; Amira, and she launched I Loved Your Jacket in February 2015 after a long love affair with all things vintage. Her theory is that every girl needs the perfect jacket, and looking at her impressive array of stock I can see what she is saying, I literally fell in love with absolutely everything she has to offer.
I Love Your Jacket specialises in provided wicked pieces from the 80’s and 90’s which have been lovingly restored to their former glory by Amira herself. Im talking repairs, alterations and even sometimes vitamin E moisturiser, Amira looks treats these gems how they deserve: with respect.

Where does she source her stock? The usual haunts! eBay, car boot sales, vintage markets, charity shops. Her secret to finding these amazing pieces? That’s a secret she wasn’t sharing. For her, it is all about quality ‘A jacket is an investment’ says the lady herself. She wants everyone to know that she takes pride in the high standard of the garments she offers; one offs which are no longer in circulation. And looking at her stuff you can see where her passion comes from.. Its wonderful

‘Because the jacket is everything’

When asked about the challenges of owning her own company, Amira was very candid. She has worries like any other business owner, getting noticed, getting people to trust in her products, running out of stock is always a thing for her.. Attaining the balance between having products for people to buy and over stocking. Everything she offers has been hand picked for its style, condition and wearability (not to mention its originality, she only has one of each item on her site)

Of course I couldn’t let Amira go without telling me what her idea of the perfect jacket is, as you can imagine her answer was straightforward NOT haha
Amiras idea of a perfect jacket is a blazer; leather. With a cool cut, streamlined. She then changed her mind saying that the perfect jacket is ‘unique… Doesn’t look like what everyone else is wearing, they dont make clothes like they used to..’ So pretty much everything in her collection then!
You can buy these amazing jackets on the I Love Your Jacket website here and remember once they’re gone they’re gone!

'Every girl needs a finishing touch'
‘Every girl needs a finishing touch’

 One of the final things I asked Amira is how she keeps things fresh whilst using vintage pieces; of course to us this stuff is new, we weren’t fashion conscious when these styles were first around, and that is the beauty of it. Buying a jacket from I Love Your Jacket is the complete opposite of shopping from the rack at a high street shop, you’re pretty much guaranteed that no-one will look like you. Another way she keeps things fresh? #RetroRefresh! A ‘new’ jacket every week! Keep a look out on the I Love Your Jacket instagram for info!


Of course all of the jackets I am wearing in this post are from I Love Your Jacket and are available on the website to buy (unless of course they have been sold REMEMBER they are all one offs)
Ooh she also has an Etsy shop!
Before meeting with Amira I didn’t really understand what the fuss was about, for me a jacket was something that you throw over your outfit to protect you from the elements, but after spending the day with her and hearing about why she loves these things and how passionate she is, I have to admit I am a convert! She’s right; “There is a perfect jacket out there for everyone!”


Dont forget to FOLLOW I Love Your Jacket on instagram!!
Photos take by Rahsaan Jas

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  1. Very well written
    You have such talent yinka xx

  2. Shamille says:

    You look so 80’s here! Trendy

  3. Keiron says:

    Can’t even pretend you’re not stunning
    You blow my mind

  4. Wicked blog post
    Love the writing x

  5. Andi says:

    I actually love vintage and always struggle to find good things among the tat so this is very helpful
    I will definitely be checking this store out

  6. Jackall says:


  7. Liam says:

    Yinka strikes again

  8. Gideon says:

    Your writing gets better each time
    This was very enjoyably and I am a man who has no particular interest in fashion
    Look forward to seeing what you do with this blossoming talent
    Much love G x

  9. Jackie says:

    Your hair looks nice

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