Stay Camou’d…

…Down to ma socks (or lack there of)

She laughed because her bun was perfect

I have never been one for trends or anything of the sort but BUT I have a new love this ‘season’ and that is camoooooooooooooo! Ok when I say “this season” I am not entirely sure what I mean, it just sounds right lol.
Camouflage camouflage camouflage, if you say it enough the word loses all meaning. Call me GI Yinx!
Of course I am going to put a few links to what I’m loving at the moment, which I have to tell you was quite difficult, there really isn’t enough variety out there haha..You’re welcome in advance 😉


Urban Outfitters – These bottoms are lushhhh. I have actually ordered a pair
River Island – Sumer is coming oh yeah oh yeah
New Look – I actually ordered these after writing this haha

I have to confess, I actually got this crop from eBay… Naughtyyyy

All of these photos were taken on and around Brick Lane, which is probably the best place to take photos, in my opinion. I get asked quite a bit about how I chose locations and this is one of my favourites. Not to mention it is around the corner from my workplace 😉
I actually get asked how I decide what to wear a lot too and the answer to that is simple really. It’s whatever I like, and that will always be my advice to everybody. Wear what you like, feel amazing, and you’ll look it too ❤


I have literally gone camouflage craaayzay over the last few weeks; think crops and socks and vests and bags and you will have a teeny tiny idea of how deep this obsession had become, I’m not saying that my blog is going to be DEDICATED to the khaki life but watch this space (lolz)


I’m torn between wanting everyone to start wearing army clothes again and wanting NO ONE to have the same clothes as me haha..Wanna know one thing I do know? Of course you do! Joshua Brathwaite is an amazing photographer. Check out his instagram

If I got a camouflage tattoo would you still respect me?


The rest of my outfit: Shoes are from Office and they’re actually on sale at the moment £18.. Bargains and some basic high waisted leggings which for me are the staple of any wardrobe! These particular ones are from New Look. Lovely (:


Stay blessed x


9 thoughts on “Stay Camou’d…

  1. I have been following you for a whole and just wanted to say I loe how you have evolved Virgin you personal style and your writing as well
    You have a fan in me
    Lots of love Lily xx

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