Spring has…



HAHA it has been super warm recently and to celebrate (I’m English we celebrate 19 degrees) any who to celebrate I put on a flower power two piece which is from AX Paris, crop top and wide fit shorts? YES PURLEASE.


I have had this co-ord for a while, and for the last year now I have kinda been a bit obsessed with them as seen in previous blogs. Wearing a matching set is a very simple yet effective way to look a lil snazzy, sometimes it is a bit of a struggle finding the perfectly co ordinating outfit.. Not anymore lol
I actually have quite a few hanging up in the mess I call a wardrobe so watch this spaccceeeee (for more posts).

No they’re not the same as the two above

Have a look below for what I’m obsessed with right now:

-Misguided have a pretty awesome range of co-ords, the only thing is that they sell all items separately, my favourite of the range definitely has to be the Faux Suede Fringe which you can get for 45 quiddd

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 15.35.33

-AX Paris of course is a definite fave and right now they have this pretty little number ON SALE

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 15.44.54

-Boohoo have some of the best affordable fashion out there and >this< sexy black two piece is high on my list! Inspired by Mrs West herself; dress it up with barely there stilettos or if you’re like me funk it up with a pair of crisp white converse, also comes in a sexy chocolate brown.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 11.02.25

I purchased all of the accessories I am wearing here (including the awesomely fabulous nails) from Primark!!!! I have always said how much I love a bit of Primary and that isn’t going to end any time soon haha, these lovely pointed heels are NO exception, they’re super comfy and actually come in a range of colours (I have them in red too lol)

Thought I would dress up what could potentially be a very casual outfit. Sauccccyyyyy

I dont know if it is obvious how excited I am for summer and the promise sunnny weather brings ❤ Happy Monday everyone!

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