Another Day…

…Hyde Park and the surrounding areas

YB 6

I have had these dungarees for over a year now and every time I go to wear them I think of some excuse as to why I shouldn’t, I admit it dungarees scare me :’) Or at they used to until today, now I am an overall don!
And as a dungaree master I have popped a few of my favourites down below

YB 9


YB 7

Coat: C&A (told you i wear it everyday haha don’t judge me!)
Cardi: Blitz! Which is a vintage shop on Brick Lane (:
Dungarees: River Island
Turtle neck: Primark

YB 13
As good a place to sit as any

The Pumas I am wearing are from their Classic Suede range, they are available in a number of colour ways and can be purchased here

YB 15
Brand new album cover year

I have a semi phobia (I am not sure if that is a real thing) of birds. Birds always poo on me, its actually quite depressing, and no I’m not any luckier than any other person.. That is a myth.

YB 18
Shortly after, the swan tried to eat Yinka

Jade decided that today would be the day that I confront this fear and yes the picture is wonderful BUT after a while the birds got bread lust and tried to eat me… Weirdos

YB 20
Accessories: Primark

YB 19
Images by JKGPhotography

YB 14

12 Comments Add yours

  1. That dungarees is sooooo nice

  2. Rachel says:

    Love the way you added the electric blue sneakers for a pop of colour

  3. Danni says:

    Can’t believe those rings are from primark
    Look sooo classy

  4. Jewel says:

    You have a very good dress sense

  5. Hannah says:

    I really do love your blog posts I’m glad you put more up now

  6. Jonah says:

    Nah killing every girl now you got to giv them a chance babes

  7. B R Y A N says:

    such great Pic`s I think You can wear everything , looking so good and this Colors combination really like .

  8. Jaz Candice says:

    How did you get into blogging? Do you work for the clothing people or are theses things you have bought yourself?
    I want to start and I don’t know how to do it the right way
    You have the best blog online 100%

  9. Panda says:

    Very very nice

  10. W T says:

    I subscribe to your YouTube so now I get the first look at what you do
    These trainers rock

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