…By Solomon Boyede

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-4

I met up with a very talented guy who I have been stalking on Instagram for a while, his name is Solomon and he is part of PLACES+FACES
We had a spot of lunch (Nandos of course) and walked around Notting Hill in the rare early March sunshine taking pictures on his digital, film, polaroid and 3d camera’s. It was a very new (and a tad scary haha) experience for me and the results are below 🙂

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-21

The thing about getting your photo taken by someone who isn’t your brother, sister or boyfriend is that one; you have no control over the images they are taking and two; they are probably seeing you completely different to how you see yourself. I was a little bit nervous, I have to admit. What you see in the mirror and what people see of you can often be two completely different things.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-18
Where the Wild Thing are

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-22

Outfit details:

Coat: Vintage C&A and the coat that you will find me in on most days, I think its about a side 20 but oversized is cool right? I vaguely remember C&A from my childhood and I’m pretty sure they still have a few shops in Europe but this jacket was a STEAL from a vintage shop in Camden

Blazer: New Look, and this is the same one which is featured in my LFW post

Shirt: My boyfriends haha, from a little Vintage shop in Camden. These kind of shirts are very easy to come by. I prefer mens shirts because they are super comfy and hide a lot of sins lol

Jeans: Gap AND my new favourite pair, these jeans literally FIT to MY shape and I have never experience that before, I wore then not too long ago here

Boots: TopShop; shiny pleather with a stiletto heel? Yes please :’)

Fleeky edges make her smile
Fleeky edges make her smile
Being inside a kaleidoscope was a lot of fun for her
Being inside a kaleidoscope was a lot of fun for her

Notting Hill is quite a beautiful area, Solomon and I spent a lot of our time on a street that had different colour houses. I felt a bit like I was in a fairytale.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-26

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-1

People often ask me what my ‘look’ is inspired by or how do I style myself; the honest answer is that I dont, not consciously. Yes like most people I want to look nice but ‘nice’ varies daily. One day it may be stilettos and an LBD and another day could be a pair of 10 yr old converse and my brothers old tracksuit. It is literally how I feel at that particular moment.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-8
Album cover or nah?

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-9

Am I a fashion blogger? Probably not, I can’t tell you if that orange coat you’re about to buy will be wearable next season, or if you should hold off on throwing out that camouflage jacket because military is going to make a come back.
But I can tell you to have fun with what you wear and not to question if other people approve. Style is personal, and there are enough clothes out there to please all of our different tastes, thats my opinion any way.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-25


All up in this gif


Its all about what YOU feel comfortable in, what makes YOU happy: in the most non preachy way possible of course lol.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-23

SO yeah, BIG up Solomon for forcing me to look a little deeper at myself.

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-27BIG up everyone who reads my blog too ❤

Yinka shoot by Solomon Boyede-12
Yinka leaving No18

16 thoughts on “Yinka…

  1. You are a genuine inspiration to me Yinka. I don’t know of you check your comments or if you’re gonna see this but I just wanted to tell you
    They way you wear what you want do why you want I would like to be like you

  2. Absolutely perfect
    You may not be a fashion blogger but you are great at not making people feel bad if they don’t follow the trends and stuff
    You’re just you and you is amazing
    Definite fan right here

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