Denim and Leather…

…On a sunny Saturday

Just a quick outfit post (:
I got gifted these beautiful sunglasses the other day, they are from Quay Australia, which is a brand that a little birdie tells me Beyonce wears haha! Which on some level could possibly mean that I am Beyonce.. Kinda, almost, not really… Defo not
To be honest I am the type of person who is a little scared to wear sunglasses, scared because I just don’t want to look like a diva maynnnnnn, but if Beyonce can.. I can ha


Yes the sun was shining, the weather was sweet (as sweet as 15 degrees can be lol) and as you can see I decided to double up with the denim like a boss


Jacket: River Island
Shirt: New Look
Skirt: River Island
Trainers: Puma

Just checking to see if her feet are still there.. Yep they are

Threw on a lovely pair of pink Puma Suedes just for the sake of it

Creppppp check please

OOOOHhhh shout out to my little brother for taking the pics 🙂
I’ve stuck a few extra images below since he did such a good job x

15 degrees of gorgeousness
‘I hope these buttons don’t pop open’





10 thoughts on “Denim and Leather…

  1. Sheee looks hootttt ((: your Bro did good Job (Y) , we also have good weather today here in GER – very cool sunglases and good taste in clobber stuff, You looking very good . Wish Ya great Weekend Yinka , greetz Bryan

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