Bout A Week Ago….


I know I know, all of the LFW blog posts have already been uploaded and everyone is over it and it is now Mars Fashion Week (MFW) haha! But I have received loads of requests to upload more pics (other than what I put on my instagram) so here they are!

Shot by JKG Photography (:

'Nobody knows I just farted' She smirked
‘Nobody knows I just farted’ She smirked

Outfit deetssss (Of Course) which incidentally was very highstreet, and most probably a faux pas at LFW but ahhh welll!
Jumper: Vintage (was my aunts lol)
Skort (haha skort): River Island
Neon Cardi: Primark
Blazer: New Look
Boots: River Island
Bag: Flea market chic!

‘I hope no one notices the dry knees’

I was lucky enough to go to a few shows, and before you ask YES it was cold outside buttttt darling; fashion has no temperature :’)

‘I wonder when someone will realise I’m not Beyonce’ She giggled

If you have never been in or around Somerset House around Fashion Week I suggest you go, I was lucky enough to see a few shows but even if you dont have tickets to a show, there is such a nice atmosphere, everyone looks either freaky or fabulous and people pap you like you’re Kim Kardashian! Which is something that needs to be experienced at least once.

Brilliant, brilliant day!

10 thoughts on “Bout A Week Ago….

  1. Yinka you inspire me to continue
    I wish I could be like you. So successful and with a lot more to come, you’re gonna be massive and I can’t wait so I can say ive been there from the beginning
    A fan from Australia

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