What I Wore Today…


Yes its cold, yes its sunny and yes I have been struggling with what to wear recently hence the lack of posts *covers face in embarrasment*
So today I threw on some (awesome) clothes. Deeeeeetz, what I’m liking right now and pics below xx


SOOoooooo right now i am all about the CHECKS
I have been on a binge and bought coats, hats, skirts and evidently blazers and scarves too haha. But dont worry I’m not gonna bombard you with errthang tartan, no no, i plan to be much more subtle than that and just dot it around haha


Jacket: TKMAXX (home of the bargainnnnnnn)
Vest: AX Paris
Jeans: Gap
Bag: Clarks
Shoes: Office (and can I get a WHOOOP WHOOOP for not falling over today?)

So I am not telling you that tartan is in or that you should run out and buy checked clothing because I am wearing it buttttttt MI LOVE IT haha!
Some of the CHECKKKKKEDDDD things I’m loving at the moment:
Harvey Nichols
River Island


SO can we just respect the fact that I got my finger tattoos re-done? I can tell you now for free that it was a lot of pain my goshhhhh.
Full finger cage ring is from River Island
Nail colour Bourjois is my new favourite ❤ so glossy

14 thoughts on “What I Wore Today…

  1. You really should blog more, I love the way you dress it’s not the same as all of the other bloggers and I love the inspiration
    Stay blessed Yinka you’ll go far

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