A Day With…

…Jade Keisha Gordon

A little earlier this week i got to spend the day with one of my favourite photographers Jade.
We spent our time in East London; Spitafields, Brick Lane and Shoreditch, the weirdest thing is that I work in East and until this day I never realised how darned pretty this area is.
Whilst there she took some photos, we ate some cereal (lol) and had a pretty good day, here is what happened:

Yinks 2-1
She thought she was Harry Potter.. She was wrong


If you have never been to the Cereal killer cafe on Brick Lane I suggest you go, its hilarious


Yinks 16
Dont spit out the milk Yinka


Yinks 19
‘Why am I eating cereal at 3pm?’ she thought

And after that extremely nutritional lunch it was back out into the depths of Shoreditch:

Yinks 5-1
She smiles because she knows she will leave no fingerprints


Yinks 8-1

It wouldn’t be right if we didn’t take a selfie, and being in Shoreditch what better place than Rough Trade?:

They had no idea how to use the selfie machine
They had no idea how to use the selfie machine

And then another selfie in Blitz vintage? Of course


Check out JKGPhotography on twitter, instagram and her website (:

Yinks 1-1
Back of a motorcycle fierce
Yinks 18
The ‘why are you following me home!?’ pose

Happy Sunday xx


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