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I dont know if I have mentioned it before (I definitely have at some point) but I absolutely adore fancy dress. You may have got a tiny idea from my Halloween post that I may possibly, maybe take it a teeny, weeny, little bit too seriously, seriously, I love it! Christmas is no exception and I adore a Christmas jumperrrrrrr, it is literally one of my favourite things about the holidays excluding mistletoe, stuffing, board games, champagne for breakfast, clementines.. I could go on but my mouth is starting to water haha

For me Christmas is all about food, family and Love Actually (if you haven’t seen this we unfortunately can’t be friends)

This year it has taken me a little longer than usual to get into the xmas spirit, it was #NationalChristmasJumperDay last Friday and I just wasn’t feeling it, partly because I hadn’t done any xmas shopping and my family and I do secret santa every year (I have six brothers and sisters) and this year I was stressing about what to get my victim, and on the other hand I feel as if this year has gone too fast, like someone has pressed fast forward and we only don’t realise because we were the ones being fast forwarded and now it should really be September…
Moving on; even though it took a little longer than usual I have managed to start feeling the Christmas vibe a bit more which is a relief and so I felt like it was time to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
I genuinely have no logical explanation as to why I own two xmas jumpers but its twice the fun, and that is what this post is about really (:

It isn’t too late to get your xmas jumper on! I mean when else can you dress like a bit of a fool and it be perfectly acceptable?


Now as xmas jumpers go I think we can safely say this is quite subtle, I mean I am very award of the teddy bears and hold and snow but  compared to my super duper cheesy number its pretty classsyyyyyy.


 I gave myself a bit of a slick dread pony and the lipstick I have on just hasn’t been given any justice by the camera, it is by Barry M and is colour 163 and I put Barry M’s glitter lip pencil over the top of that just to be a teeny bit more festive
Shop the collection

If I am honest Rudolph is my favourite jumper of the two. Partly because it is so garish; I mean whenever else is is socially acceptable to wear a red, brown, white and mint green jumper other than at Christmas time?

IMG_8114 IMG_8113Yeah I was definitely feeling this vibe!

Details on the rest of my outfit below:


Jeans: ASOS basic
Shoes: YSL.. I especially love these shoes at Christmas time because of the cute little bows on them ❤

The touch of sparkle on my nails is courtesy of Bourjouis ❤ And I am still meaning to get the tattoos on my fingers re-done, they just hurt. so. much..


I probably won’t be on my blog much until the New Year so I hope you all have a beautiful Christmas and get everything you wish for whilst eating yourselves silly!
See you down the gym in January x

14 Comments Add yours

  1. Michael says:

    Merry Christmas Yinka

  2. Jade says:

    Love that nail varnish and merry Xmas!

  3. Keisha says:

    What you know about love actually? Dats my fave film!

  4. Kerry ABN says:

    Are the fingers the most painful tattoo place?

  5. Lukey says:

    Bufff as ways Yinka
    Hope you have a good Xmas

  6. Lily says:

    You’re hair is amazing I’ve never seen such neat dreadlocks
    Merry Christmas to you and your family 💖

  7. Justin says:

    Merry Christmas sexy girl

  8. Gilly says:

    HAHAHAHA you cheesy mother fucker love this girl you know
    Happy Christmas x

  9. Making Christmas jumpers look hot is easy for you

  10. lil m says:

    Sickest tattoos always

  11. Kace says:

    Merry christmassssssssss!!!’n

  12. Charlie says:

    Putting me in the Xmas mood! Great post as always Yinka, I hope you have a good Xmas too and get everything ou wish for
    Happy new year too xo

  13. Carlene says:

    Happy belated new year there xxxxxx

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