A Few Things To Share…


… Firstly

I loved my gift package from CarbonAndCoal so much that not only did I have to blog about it right here right now, I made a video too… a bit excessive yes but the jewellery from this brand is just wonderful and I haven’t posted in a while so pushing the boat out a little made sense haha..

… And

Ok so the whole video wasn’t dedicated to my new decorations I did have a small announcement to make! Drum roll please…….
#AskYinka is back!Yayyyyyyy and if you dont know what AskYinka is then get to know
I never really had a reason for stopping and I actually haven’t stopped receiving questions so what better way to continue then YOUTUBBBE?! Stay tuned for the return of #AskYinka and dont forget you can submit your questions here (anonymously ;))

Anywhoo.. here is my first everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Vlog!

Lets have a cheer for the return of #AskYinka (YAYYYYYYY)
So whether its your love life, friendships, money advice or anything in between I am here to help (: or at least attempt to haha.
Ooh in case anyone was wondering the makeup I’m wearing is all from Maybelline and the products are as follows:

As promised I took a few pics of the pieces that I have which are below.
You can get all of these from the Carbon And Coal website, and they have many more on there too ❤

double princess
The Princess ring ^^^
Lucky vvvdouble lucky

Lucy Liu vvvvblog4

I wasn’t exaggerating when I called them lovely was I?
I’ll answer that for you; NO!
So to recap: Carbon & Coal are amazing! Check out and shop their collection here.

And #AskYinka will be back in the New Year (probably) so have a listen to previous ones and submit your questions!
…And have a lovely week! See you soon xx

21 Comments Add yours

  1. Ted says:

    Oh gosh your accent!

  2. Mark says:

    I loved ask Yinka
    Real happy you’re starting up again xxx

  3. Aden says:

    Holy shit I thought you were getting married! Almost broke my heart there girl

  4. Harriet says:

    You’re absolutely stunning and the jewelry compliments that perfectly, I have actually been having a little bit of an issue recently but I’ll tell you more about it in ask Yinka

  5. Nelson Gregg says:

    Wow just wow
    You are something else there Yinka my friend
    Can’t wait for more videos great work

  6. Daisy says:

    AskYinka was wicked I’m happy you’re restarting I’ve missed it

  7. Lilah z says:

    Carbon and coal
    New favourite!

  8. Tazmin says:

    Are you sure their anon?

    1. Yinka says:

      Yep you can submit anonymous questions in the link I put above (:

  9. Julianna says:

    Ha I thought you were engaged

  10. Eric says:

    Haha you’re funny ain’t ya

  11. Helena says:

    Haha love your blog!

  12. Mus says:

    Yes #askyinka is bossy

  13. Jade Hare says:

    You belong on tv, presenters are ao fake but you have a special quality

  14. Gavin Baker says:

    Really good work 🙂 you are a lovely girl

  15. Hamash says:

    New fan here Sweden

  16. Michelle says:

    You are seriously too cute Yinka x

  17. Michael says:

    She’s so naturally buff

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