New Boots…


…Made For Walking (kinda)

I think I may have said in my last post that Autumn is the season for boots.. If I didn’t then I should’ve because it truly is and I have got myself a brand new pair, which I thought I would style ever so casually and show you guys (:

shoes1 copy

I will tell you about the rest of my outfit before I tell you where I got these bad boy stacked beauties from!

full length sitting double



Bag: Primark
Jumper & Jeans : River Island
I went a lil bit darker with the theme of this outfit and these two tone jeans from River Island fit the look perfectly. They’re super skinny and super comfy, which is everything I look for in a pair of trousers haha. I have a feeling that two tone is gonna be a big thing soon ( if it isn’t don’t quote me!) just in case; here are a few more of my faves:

And now time for the Pièce de résistance!!!!! (I definitely googled that spelling! haha)


My boooots! Ok so a few posts ago I told you guys about my eBay addiction and these beauties are the result of this! I got these in an auction and they actually have no labels what so ever on them! The search term I used was (and don’t judge me!) ‘Gothic Platform Boots’
1 night and £20 (incl p&p) later and these babies were on their way to me! Result!
They’re super comfortable, good quality (especially considering their lack of labelling) and surprisingly sturdy, I haven’t fallen over yet, which for me is an absolute miracle haha!
Happy searching!

26 Comments Add yours

  1. Lola P says:


  2. SAMUEL says:

    nice, gothic different to what you’ve done before. I’m a fan

  3. Gracelyn says:

    i like the way you added colour with the leopard print and the purple lipstick its gorgeous. i am such a fan of you yinka bokinni

  4. Sean Harley says:

    yinka strikes again
    you are a beautiful girl
    absolutely perfect

  5. alishaa says:

    LOVE THOSE SHOES\1 You’re so sneaky you didn’t even give us a link! lucky i like searching on eBay haha

  6. Clazzicboy says:

    I love ur outfit today saw it on Instagram decided to roll with you I hope we will be good friends soon.thanks

  7. Newton says:

    love love love love love love
    i am in love with this girl

  8. Arty says:

    fucking hell girl you got it aint ya

  9. bunny may says:

    yes to everything about the post. absolutely best one to date

  10. Christine says:

    I love the fact that u r putting up more of these
    yur very interesting yinka, love your blog 🙂

  11. BOBBY V says:

    i follow you on snapchat and u r so funny and gorgeous
    love ye

  12. Ron P says:

    beautiful girl, hate those goth shoes but the rest of the outfit is nice lol

  13. Sharon says:

    1st time seeing you, lovely blog, lovely clothes 🙂

  14. Amar says:

    your skin is lovely
    sorry if that sounds weird

  15. KAm says:

    switch it up and no one knows whats hit um

  16. Rich says:

    most beautiful girl

  17. wayne says:

    wish i lived in the uk i love this chick yo

  18. CHris says:

    god yinka you r perfect so amazing! please dont cha nee

  19. Hillary says:

    make up is everything

  20. cara says:

    can she just gave me her face already?

  21. Those jeans are heavy 👌

  22. Yinka says:

    thankyou for the love everyone! ❤

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