…A Brand New Season

In case the leaves all over the floor haven’t given you a clue, I think it is definitely safe to say that Autumn is here! Yes so over the next few weeks please expect loads of posts featuring jumpers, boots and all things cosy!

And that starts today! (Right now in fact)

Well, actually first of all I have new hair!!! After almost a year of the same style I dyed my hair a kind of honey blonde haha! Personally I call this colour ‘Beyonce Blonde’ and I’m loving ittttttt, which is a bonus because if I didn’t I would’ve wasted 8hours of my life..

Anywhooo on with the clothes…

full length double
Hat: Primark
Jumper: Peacocks
Tights: Primark
Boots: Topshop

Now we all know I love a big jumper, and this is just one of the many I have collected over my many years of living in one of the dreariest cities on the planet. This is actually one of my favourites, I have had it for longer than I can remember, it is the perfect length for me to wear it with just tights and it has loads of small hole in the knitting so that it stops you from getting over heated.. And that was the science (lol)

Since I got this so long ago it isn’t actually in stores anymore, so here are a few similar styles which are available to buy now:
Tip: An oversized jumper teamed with a pair of tights (which Primark sell for 3 pairs under a fiver) always goes down well (: with me anyway.

face double

Can we please appreciate this hat? It is courtesy of the lovely people down at Primark and actually comes with matching gloves as well which are very very cute!
Unfortunately you can’t shop Primark online ): buttttttt never fear, there are stores everywhere!
I am a sucker for a hint of novelty, and winter- wear is the easiest place to source this!

A few novelty pieces I am loving at the moment:
Urban Outfitters
River Island 


I actually got these boots at a clothes swap, but they are originally from TOPSHOP and are definitely appropriate for the changing weather!

When I was younger I always thought summer was my favourite season. But now I’m a granny I’m reconsidering. Not because I like the rain, wind or snow but because of all of the clothes I actually get to wear during the colder months! (:

16 thoughts on “Autumn…

  1. i like the way you put different products from different price ranges its thoughtful. and you dont seem to care about how much things cos if your hat is fro primary and your boots tiptop that is a big difference

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