Nike, mummy jeans and a dread bun


I am pretty sure it is the last day of summer today, it has been really nice in London recently and I thought I would make the most of it on a Sunday! (:

I wanted to wear something comfortable today and I grabbed these Jeans from my sister, they are originally by Next and were released in 1999 or something! I remember watching Look Who’s Talking and they were wearing exactly the same ones. Its so weird how fashion comes back around, weird but great because these jeans are awesommmmme! I call them mummy jeans because they remind me of the clothes my mum used to wear!

double side view

Crop Top: Truly Madly Deeply
Jacket: Nike
Jeans: Next (many moons ago)
Trainers: Nike



My hair has grown! And it is finally at the stage where I can comfortably get it up in a bun without it feeling like its gonna rip out of my scalp haha. I got the jacket from Nike about a year ago and it is still one of my favourite pieces. Its reversible (which is wickedddd) and its super warm, and we know how much I love neon so thats also a massive bonus!

side and back with jacket

I was lucky enough to be given these awesome trainers from Nike. I once vowed to never wear a trainer heel.. That was a lie! Not only are they super comfortable, they have a cool paint splash effect too.


Quite a few people have been asking for makeup tutorials recently so I thought i’d take a little selfie, close up style of the make up I was wearing today. I have recently been trying out MUA makeup which is a brand you can get from Superdrug, it is really affordable and has a huge range of makeup in various colours.
All of that info is below too (:

makeup selfie

Make up
Foundation: MUA conceal and brighten kit in beige
Eye pencil: MUA intense eyeliner in turquoise
Eye brows: MUA eyebrow pencil in brunette
Lips: dry lol


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