Short Story: Carol

I thought I would try something new on my blog and that new thing ended up being writing a short story.. 



They keep showing her pictures, pictures of her bedroom only it looks different, pictures of him only he looks different too, how is she supposed to concentrate when this room is so cold?

This can’t be right, there are things you think, things you dream of, but there are also things you dont do because you’re not strong enough, she knows that she isn’t strong enough will never in fat be strong enough.

She thinks back to that day, her mind sharp as she remembers the details.

Tea: two sugars with a dash of milk. Make sure you don’t leave the teabag in too long or it will stew, ‘nobody in their right mind would drink over brewed muck’.

Packing: 3white shirts 2blue 1black in case he wants to go out for client drinks, travel shaving kit, 2towels even though she is sure the hotel will provide these, pants; 7, socks; the same amount.
Shit! Almost forgot the exfoliating gel scrub he likes to use when he travels because ‘flying dries out his tzone’ There’s something else, something that she has forgotten but it’s too late, he is home. She takes 16deep breaths; one for each step he is climbing.

Sometimes her mind drifts and she wonders what it would be like if.. No best not to think it ‘No need to waste time on fantasies’ He often reminds her.

Hair: bottle blonde, freshly cut, washed and blown out just this morning by Debbie; the owner of Chic’s salon
Smile: unwavering, impenetrable and showcasing 36 startling white teeth, 12 of which are veneers, only one necessary.
Hands: casually by her sides, no signs of nervousness
Mind: blank. Sometimes she thinks he knows what she is thinking

‘Hello darling’, her customary greeting.
He walks in to the bedroom with that look on his face, that look that she dreads, that look that means he isn’t planning on leaving quickly. Not before he ‘puts her in her place’.

A polite cough brings her back into the room.
‘Carol?’ The unfamiliar voice questions, impatiently now ‘Can you please answer the question?’ 

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