How To… Two Piece

How To..

Firstly can we give Yinka a round of applause for doing her hair?!?! haha Anyway…
So we have seen it allllll summer: two pieces. It took me a while to get into it and now I have they are all on sale (which of course is wicked) but yes i know that I am a little tardy to the party haha.
I believe the correct name for this trend is Co’ordinates but however you say it I am definitely loving it, even if it is months after everyone else, its never too late to catch on to a good thing! I present my take on THE TWO PIEEEECE:::::

So this lil number is from a tiny shop near my house and since buying it I haven’t seen anyone wearing the same one, which of course doesn’t help you butttt you can get you co’ord fix from the links below!

Trainers: Reeobok Classics (surprise surprise)
Bag: It was my mums when she was a nipper


There are loads of different types and styles of two pieces so you dont need to dress uncomfortably to enjoy this trend. I am a firm believer in feeling good in what you wear, so no you may not find me in a tiny cami and hot pants but you will find me wearing what I believe suits my body and I feel comfortable in.


Living in London is hard (weather wise) and recently it has been a degree above cold! so I think its time for me to give up hope and accept that autumn is mot definitely on its way. Expect some wintery type posts soon!
Have a good week guys ❤


19 thoughts on “How To… Two Piece

  1. Forget about how she looks even though it’s great this girl is so much better than any other radio person out there and is on such a small station where she just outshines everyone she is funny and smart and her doodles are incredible yet she isn’t on a major platform
    It’s crazy! She needs to be out there so more people can experience the great joy of her making them feel like she is only talking to them on radio of her making the same tunes day in and out sound original
    I am team Yinka and when she is huge and no longer individually replies to everyone’s tweets I will still love her because she is great

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