What I Wore I Today…

Another day, another dollar haha!

So this is what I wore to radio today

Location: Brick Lane pow pow
So I was lucky enough to get my hands on these SICKKKK Reebok kicks, Ive actually never seen Reeboks like this before and these are super comfy, and not to mention are designed to resemble some kind of tropical forest, which is a bit of a cool thing in itself.

That hat is from eBay, funny story actually: I struggle finding hats to fit my head. Its really quite embarrassing. So one day whilst being too embarrassed to go into yet another shop to put on a hat that would never fit, not even in a million years and have yet another sales assistant try to hide their laughter behind a hanger. I decided to go on eBay, in the safety of my own home and buy the biggest bucket hat I could find. Turns out its more of a fisherman type thing but hey it works, and more importantly it fits! Also it stopped the sun getting in my eyes (as hats do)


I dont think lipstick suits me that much, I go from looking extremely under dressed to looking like a 5 yr old playing dress up very quickly! But recently I have been experimenting with lip pencils, simply because
A)They’re matt which I just prefer andddddd
B) They’re a lot easier to play with, you can choose the intensity of colourrrrr, which for someone like me (who isn’t used to bold colours) is a must
The one I’m wearing is from Natural Collection and I believe the colour is Rose.

The top and jeans are fairly non descriptor but comfortable all the same and that children is what, at the end of the day, matters!

So just to recap:
Hat: Tescoooo via eBay
Top: H&M
Jeans: New Look
Trainers: Reebok

P.S.. Some of the pics might possibly be a little out of focus (if you didn’t notice this then please stop reading now) Todays photos were taken Gorilla style (on an iPhone) and my photo dude may have forgotten to TAP THE SCREEN!
Uh you can’t find good help anywhere nowadays *flicks dreads* haha! Just playing, he is awesome (and he will probably read this)

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