How to… Mesh

How to..

Two outfits with one thing in common: MESH!
In case you haven’t noticed I dont follow trends (ever, at all) howeverrrr sometimes things align (a lot like when the moon passes over the sun and we get a TOTAL ECLIPSE!)
2014 has revived many a trend: the bucket hat, tie dye, Nike socks andd MESHHHHHHHHHHH (I have even seen a few men wearing a mesh vest or two)


Usually I am quite lazy and only post one outfit a time but today I thought I would work extra hard (ha!) and give ya two! POW POW
I have been having a bit of a love affair with eBay recently and most of what I am wearing here has been purchased from it. Give it a go!

So details:

Skirt: eBay
Shirt: Vintage
Shoes: eBay
The shirt was my mummas and the bralet I am wearing here is one of my favourite things to wear, I dont have to wear a normal bra (which is a relief) and its super duper comfortable. I to it from topshop quite a while ago but you can get a similar one here.
The skirt is high waisted which is awesommmmme!


Dress: eBay
Shoes: eBay

This dress is very cool, one of my favourites at the moment, the brown mesh, the skater fit; everything! Dont pay any attention the loom band I have a 9 year old niece!


These shoes are the most comfortable things ever, its literally like walking on air! LOVERLY

So there you have it: MESH MESH MESH! I love it, you should too. Wicked and bad!

14 thoughts on “How to… Mesh

  1. I follow you on insta and can i just say that you are incredibly beautiful and you seem smart too. i listen to your show and you’re so funny and seem like such a good person. keep it up your very inspiring and i hope you notice me one day
    have a nice evening!

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