Almost Summer

Almost Summer

So its been a while since I have posted but I am back! hello (:
The weather in London has been quite lovely recently which makes me happy and not only do I think that I may have caught a tan, I also think my hair has grown quiiiiite a bit, so its smiles all round really (:


I’ve been really into crochet at the moment, be it blankets, poncho’s, scarves, shorts (they’re not entirely practical) but yes I am sure you get the point I am really into crochet right now and this top is one of my favourite pieces at the moment. Im not really the sort of person who follows what is on trend and what isn’t and i am not entirely sure when crochet was last in season, or when it will be again but what I do know is that I love it haha!




It is from TopShop (last summer). The earrings I am wearing were £1! I am a firm believer in bargains and I will be giving you some more info shortly on how to get the best out of your buck (but that will be another post on another day)

The pants are something very new for me, usually I am strictly skinny leg, but these are so comfortable, I think they look great and they are from Primark so you can imagine how much of a bargain they were! These trousers are high waisted as well which sucks you in where you want to be and lets you loose in all of the right places too! Im not a gym/ exercise sort of person although i eat quite well, I believe that women should be soft (lol) but its nice to have a little help from your clothes!


Finished off with a pair of flatforms from River Island (I love flatforms!!!) I think I own about 10 pairs ranging from sneakers to sandals to boots! There is just something about them! These are super comfy and since they’re made of rubber they are very easy to clean!


So before I leave you I have a few tips on summer dressing:
– Make sure you’re comfortable; If you don’t feel comfortable in your clothes you won’t look comfortable. Whether you like to show skin or cover up, make sure you like what you’re wearing and then that will project outwards!
– Size matters! And not in the way you think. In summer it is inevitable that you will be showing more skin, simply because it tends to be warm. When I say size matters I mean wearing clothes that fit! There is nothing more irritating then having to suck in all day because you shorts are cutting into your stomach, or having to constantly pull your dress down because its riding up all of the time! Buying clothes that are your size will make you look and feel better!
-Mix it up! Summer is the time for prints, patterns and textures! Have fun with the way you dress! Thats the whole point of fashion!


15 thoughts on “Almost Summer

  1. I dont understand how a human being can look like you? do you even wear make up? you’re beautiful.
    I’m aware that this might be freaky and you may never reply but i feel like you should be told
    you’re amazing

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