How To… Maxi Dressing

How to..

Summer is most definitely on its way here and not only do I refuse to be stuck in denim shorts, I refuse to go all out and buy a completely new summer wardrobe like I find myself doing every year. My theory is that if I have been shopping for the last 5 years in a row then I most definitely have enough for at least this year (makes sense right?)

So I took a deep dive into the back of my wardrobe and came up with this.

doubleThe dress is something that I think my sister bought when she was pregnant, my niece is actually 9 now so its definitely ‘vintage’ haha.
It is very loose fitting with lovely thick straps, I usually throw it on when I am having a bit of a ‘fat’ day and it covers everything for me without making me look bigger than I need to!


I teamed this dress with some Jordans which I have actually had for about 2 years, Im actually not he biggest fan of Jordans but for some reason I fell in love with these when I saw them. When it comes to trainers the more worn Β the better for me! I get intimidated when trainers are too fresh so its better with a little dirt haha.

I dont think these are still officially available on the Nike website but you can get them from here.


Because this is a very simply outfit I added a deep red lip lipstick, I don’t really wear lipstick that much but this colour is quite nice and I personally think a little splash of lipstick now and then brightens up your outfit, and a simple up do with the old barnet finished the outfit off.

boob smile

I had a little look online for some similar dresses and you can get them from the following places:
New Look

So there you have it; my take on a modern day classic- the maxi dress.
A few of my maxi dress do’s and don’ts:
-There are different shaped maxi dresses for a reason: wear one that suits your body shape
-Patterns are important! If the pattern is too busy you may look bigger than you are
-Maxi dresses have different lengths: too long and you will look like a munchkin too short and it isn’t a maxi!
-Dont over-accesorise! belts, necklaces, bracelets! Less is more!



15 thoughts on “How To… Maxi Dressing

  1. I think this is your best post ever
    Love the dress
    Love the fact you stole it from your sis
    Love the idea of not shopping for summer this year
    Love you Yinka!

  2. Loving the advice on maxi dresses!!
    Also I love the location of the pictures (random I know) but it’s a very cool looking place

  3. Every time I see a post of your I don’t think it can get better
    You’re truly a gorgeous girl
    Bring invite next one

  4. I like the way you put similar products even if what you’re wearing isn’t available, the dresses you have suggested are all lovely!

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