What I Wore Today…

Another normal day in London and I figured I would show you guys what I am wearing (:

Im not sure if I am attempting the dressed down glam look, or the dressed up casual look.. Either way here it is!

tophalf Top: I got this from a random market, I don’t remember what random market it was but I do remember that this top cost a fiver and that makes me very happy


Jeans: ASOS These are my jeans that I wear when I am feeling a little confident. I got them at a clothes swapping event and they wouldn’t go past my knees when I first tried them on and now I have mastered the perfect judo kick shimmy to pull them up lol.. So these are my (skinny) skinny jeans. Shop


Shoes: A present from a friend who is kinda obsessed with New Look so when she got these for me it was no shock where they were from. Get them here. Also they happen to be on sale at the moment which is awesommmme!

Attitude: This does not belong to me and came from nowhere…

15 thoughts on “What I Wore Today…

  1. That top looks so expensive can’t believe you got it for a fiver! Is definitely love it if you did more posts going into detail about how to look good on a strict budget

  2. Haha I have that issue with some of my jeans too but I don’t look like you in them! Sad face

  3. My friend showed me your website and I have to say it’s a little bit impossible not to hate you! You’re so gorgeous and you have a great sense of fashion and you genuinely seem lovely
    Bitch! Haha
    Keep up the good work you have a new fan in me xx

  4. just saw your music page then i see you look like this! a girl like you doesnt usually push for people to recognise her talent, usually they just care about how they look
    wow yinka wow

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