What I Wore Today…

Today was a pretty rare day in London! It was sunny, and because of this I decided to ditch my usual studio uniform of pyjamas (lol you think its a joke until you see me walking down Brick Lane looking like I am fundraising for some kind of children’s charity) And go for something a little more weather appropriate, and dare I say it? Stylish!

I am wearing one of my favourite white t-shirts which is from H&M and is all meshy and delicious (note to self: DO NOT try and iron the mesh parts ever again!) I love this tee because it adds a little bit of spice to anything I wear, and gives the look a nice added edge.

I wore a lovely pair of neon hareem, peg legged jogging pants from Punky FishΒ which I actually got about a year ago and Ive probably worn approximately 192,793,694 times but they’re so comfortable (and awesomely neon) that Im pretty sure it can be forgiven! I think to be able to wear these you have to have a bit of confidence or genuinely not care that at certain angles people may think you’ve pooped yourself!!
My colourful jellies are from Sophia Webster and are one of my favourite pairs at the moment! Perfect for the spring and summer months, these dress up my look by adding a tiny bit of finesse to something very casual, also they tie the colour scheme in quite nicely because they’re neon of course!

My nailsΒ are press ons which I got from Primark for Β£1! Now if that isn’t a bargain I couldn’t tell you what is! The cat designs are so cute and these are a real time saver. Im a sucker for convenience and the fact the I didn’t have to spend the best part of an hour painting and waiting for my nails to dry, only for them to chip and smudge because thats just what always happens to me! It’s a massive bonus that these have lasted the whole day too (:

18 thoughts on “What I Wore Today…

  1. My favourite presenter is my favourite looking girl man
    You look so hot in your new cover pictures as well crazy that you’re not ontv yet

  2. Your face your hair your voice (I listen to you on radio) and your dress sense are all amazing!
    Wish I was you tbh

  3. Saw your site on someone’s twitter
    You’re so pretty, and you seem really down 2 earth
    You have a new fan in me missy

  4. Found you randomly on tumblr and hoped it was just a lucky shot do an ok looking girl. Now I’m here and you’re very stunning looking. It’s a shame those trousers are sold out although I’m guessing only someone as flawless and yourself could pull them off

  5. Ughhh your style is so eclectically trendy
    This is definitely something I would consider wearing, where as there are some things in your precious posts that i wouldn’t have thought of but you’ve definitely inspired me!
    Definitely looking forward to more posts!!!

  6. I manage to listen to your show yesterday you are very fun
    This is great look for you I want to see more look forward to that

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