20 thoughts on “IWT Clothing

  1. I love the way you mix affordable pieces with high end pieces, you don’t dress too cheap or too expensive!
    I hate blogs that only showcase LV or GUCCI when that’s not realistic, you don’t make me feel bad that I can’t afford all that stuff
    Thank you
    Can’t wait for your next post

  2. I’d love to see you tackle retro like 80’s or 90’s look but using modern clothes that you can buy today

    Love your most recent blog!

  3. Why don’t you work for them anymore? You were my favourite model, so it is a shame
    You look so good in their clothes

    1. Thankyou! I grew up lol!! And I started doing other things and it’s good to keep things fresh. I couldnt have been the only model their forever you know, time for some fresh faces!

  4. I’ve listened to your show a lot and didn’t realise how beautiful you were! I thought you were all personality! But you have everything

  5. Love this
    Love you
    Wish I was you to be honest!
    Can wait for the stuff you’re working on! As well can’t wait for you to make it

  6. Just saw the interviews that you did with example and rout 94
    You come across so down to earth and friendly on camera I loved them a lot.
    I also like the way that you showcase brands but without sermon like you’re just taking pictures because you know you’re beautiful. Which by the way you are, incredibly!
    You will definitely go very far. You are young amazing looking and have an flair and enthusiasm for what you do.. Make sure you believe in yourself

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