Underwear As Outerwear

Its an age old debate and I must firstly put my hands up and admit that I am 100% guilty of this! Yes; its wearing underwear as outerwear!  There has been a massive rise in recent years in clothes that resemble underwear, now saying this I DO NOT mean throwing on a thong and strutting my stuff down the highstreet! No!!! What I mean is that sometimes certain items can be versatile and I essentially attempt to sway you and broaden your horizons and maybe, just maybe; you’ll find some hidden gems in your wardrobe that you didn’t know were fit for outside the bedroom!

So I took my favourite piece of fancy underwear and dressed it up to give an idea of how to pull this off. I have to admit that when it came to styling this it was a little bit of a challenge; firstly because as a person I don’t really dress up, but mostly because I wanted to showcase a piece of underwear without seeming like that a person who just wears underwear haha

To pull this look off you have to have confidence! And even if you don’t possess this confidence you have to fake it till you make it! Because what I am suggesting is only ever mastered by the brave or crazy; or both!
Check out the pictures below for my completed look, and feel free to comment and let me know what you think (:
Firstly it took me a little bit of a while to get all of my hair up! But I know that isn’t why you’re here. So this is a La Senza bustier which was actually part of their bridal range but is unfortunately not available anymore since they downsized, you can get a kind of similar one from BHS. I coupled this with a pair of statement trousers from Zara, these are one of my favourite pairs because they are so versatile, also they happened to be on sale. The bright design in the trousers make this look a bit more fun I think, this is a different style to what I usually post, and still wanted it to have some of the YinkaFunk (yes definitely gonna TM that) that I usually have.

These trousers are so good with this look because they distract from the structure of the bustier a bit, taking your eye away from the bust for long enough (even if it is just for a second) to notice everything else . Teamed with a pair of strappy heels, I opted for bright orange River Island to add a little bit more fun to =the outfit. I didn’t want it to be all serious and sexy, well not completely anyway! Adding a loose boy fit blazer this look is perfect for a night  out, dinner, shopping; anything! (Maybe not radio)
Bustier: La Senza
Trousers: Zara
Shoes: River Island
Blazer: Cos

Here are some of the pieces that I am loving at the moment, I have taken it in order of daringness (not entirely sure if that is a word but lets roll with it ha)
Agent Provocateur

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