Big Jumper Season.

Yes! It is most definitely ‘Big Jumper’ season!
Right here in London the weather is terrible, When it comes to the cold weather (which is honestly most of the time in Grey England) I live in big jumpers. To be honest I kinda wear massive jumpers the whole year round since its genuinely hardly ever hot enough to wear anything else in London, also i think that I’m extra sensitive to the cold therefore feel it much more than others (which probably isn’t true but is definitely a great excuse to go on as many holidays as possible).

Of course I would advise that you wear some kind of trouser or legging when indulging in your big jumper but for the purpose of this post I thought I’d go all comando (ha) And also what better way to show off the tattoos on my legs? Which in case you were wondering were all done here


Jumper: Vintage (I think it was once my dads)
Bag: Longchamp
Pumps: Rocket Dog


The jumper that I am wearing in these photos is a vintage one which I have had for longer than I care to remember. I actually recommend mens jumpers more than womens because they don’t have the forced shape that ladies ones tend to, and I find them a lot more cosy! You can get big, cosy jumpers from almost any highstreet shop (especially at this time of year) and also from male relatives wardrobes haha
When I wear mens jumpers I always wear a large or XL.
Here are a few that I like at the moment:


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