I have been asked a lot about my daily makeup essentials and tips, before I start I would like to state that I am not a professional makeup artist and these are routines and practises which work for me (: So here it is *deep breath*

I’ll start with one tip: It is very important to let your breathe for as long as possible during the day!

  • Only wear make up when its necessary; if you can, when you’re at home you should remove and let your skin be!
  • Wash your face before going to bed to remove your make up! (Sleeping with makeup on is the biggest no no)
  • Use clean brushes! And makeup that is in date! (yes makeup like most man made things in this world go off!)

On a day to day basis I don’t wear a lot of makeup, but in these harsh winter months only the bravest dare to venture outside naked faced!
During winter whilst I am deathly pale I use tinted moisturisers to add a bit of colour, they work wonders!
I usually wash my face twice a day; once at night before bed and once in the morning, once a week I use a deep cleansing moisturising mask because I have the driest skin that can never get enough moisture! I use a fragrance free, organic moisturiser from Neils Yard daily, this also doubles up as a body moisturiser which is really handy! Info on these products below (:

So I decided to brave all for this ‘Naked’ post with only tinted moisturiser for company (eek)

Products worn in shoot:
1. Mac Studio Moisture Tint in medium plus
2. Mac eyebrow pencil in ‘Spiked’

Daily face essentials:
1. Daily face wash
2. Daily moisturiser
3. Weekly face mask

I will upload a skincare post soon but until then happy ‘Almost Naked Face’ Day!!