7 Things I Tell Myself Everyday

The good, bad and the ridiculous Recently I have been struggling a little, not with things to write about or ideas. No that isn’t the issue, my issue is that I have ideas, loads, constantly, throughout the day. I write them everywhere; in my diary, in the notes in my phone, Microsoft word (lol) but…

Top 5 non-essential festival essentials… For you!

I think it is safe to say that we are definitely in festival season. In previous years I have never been confident about saying this but this time around, I am screaming it from the roof tops: aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Proof that is in fact festival season This piece is dedicated to the festival’s that I have already…

Yinka Bokinni x House Of Sunny

I went and spent some time with the guys and girls at House Of Sunny recently, we laughed a bit took some photos and I selected my top 5 tunes of the moment for their studio play list. House of Sunny is a bloggers dream! It is full of monochrome, clean lines and most importantly;…

A letter to my ‘fro

To the thing I never understood, To the one thing I wanted to changed about myself so desperately I burnt my scalp every 4-6 weeks for 10 years. I want to tell you that I am sorry, sorry for laughing at jokes aimed at my ‘nappy’ hair and not saying anything to defend you, sorry…

Unicorns and Cats

Last weekend I met up with one of my favourite photographers to catch up and take some pics, he goes by the name of Joshua and no it isn’t the Joshua who is my boyfriend, he is a different person. Surname Brathwaite, vibe: awesome. I have worked with Josh before so I made sure I brought…

The Confidence Issue

When people ask what I do, until recently I left the blogging part out. I would mention radio and hosting but I’d never say ‘I am a blogger’. There are loads of reasons for this; one of which is that I felt embarrassed.


Word o the street is that the beautiful humans at Depop think that I am a particularly stylish human, so they came down to Peckham to hang out with me for the day, take some pics and hear me talk about my 3rd favourite thing in this world: myself (lolzers).

What I Wore Today

As promised, I am posting to the blog side of my website more. Not only because I feel obliged but because its fun (: Have a look below for details of an outfit I am pretty proud of , all pics taken by my resident photographer (and boyfriend) Josh.

British Summer Time

So the clocks have gone forward and that only means one thing (apart from the loss of an hour) it is British Summer Time!

Camo Season

3 Looks. 1 theme. Loads of fun: pretty much sums up what is happening on the blog this evening. Enjoy…

twenty something

I recently spent some time with a photographer called Aaron Cheesman, which is probably the best surname ever (apart from mine obviously.) Any who; I love working with new people on my blog and in life in general, the thing about working with new photographers is that you, or I rather, get to see myself in a…


I know that the fact that I have a youtube series called #AskYinka will not come as a surprise to you, it isn’t a new thing. Actually it is older than this blog.